C3E’s debentureallows risk management adapted to the commercialization phase and acts as a financial leverage. It facilitates the acceleration of the business maturity and promotes future financing rounds.

Overview of the debenture

Creative abstract global logistics, shipping and worldwide delivery business concept: blue Earth planet globe surrounded by heap of stacked corrugated cardboard boxes with parcel goods isolated on white background

Amortization period:  12 years

Conversion terms: Royalties

Interest rate: None

Repayment period: From 3rd to 10th year (ie 8 years) on 5% of gross sales (residual payment after 10 years, converted into free interest loan payable, except for delay on payment)

Anticipated annual internal rate of return : 15% to 21%

Refer to the comparative chart (pdf only in French) for the differences between C3E’s instrument and that of a venture capital firm.