PRESS RELEASE – Quebec, January 18th, 2016 – Coop Carbone launches this year by announcing having achieved a major transaction on the carbon market involving, for the first time, the overages of a major player in the manufacturing sector. Indeed, Coop Carbone bought for its customers, fuel distributors, more than 200,000 emission units from a player in the pulp and paper industry.

According to Jean Nolet, Coop Carbone’s CEO, “This transaction demonstrates the practical impact of the carbon market and its incentive character. This is partly due to the market and the price signal that induces on emission of GHG, that more and more projects and transactions of this nature will be realized. This transaction is based on a concrete project that improves our environment and our competitiveness. “

Regarding fuel distributors who are Coop Carbone’s customers, this transaction enables savings compared to the alternative of purchasing emission units at the next auction, while contributing to the development of the green economy in Quebec.

For Coop Carbone, this transaction concluded a first year rather auspicious where it has demonstrated its relevance in the emerging carbon market. This transaction confirms its leading position in the Quebec market. “We are very proud,” said Jean Nolet.


Source: Jean Nolet, CEO /