Derichebourg Canada Environment has proudly announced on October 18th that it has signed a partnership with Effenco, a Montreal-based company. The goal of this partnership is to significantly reduce the fuel consumption of Derichebourg’s truck fleet in Quebec, which will have a positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions. Waste collection specialist Derichebourg Canada Environment will equip all of its trucks circulating on the streets of Montréal with Effenco’s Active Stop-StartTMTechnology—a Montreal innovation, supported by C3E.

Effenco’s innovative electric Stop-Start hybrid technology enables a truck’s engine to be turned off when it is immobile while keeping its accessories and equipment—such as container lifters—operational. In general, this accounts for between 40% and 50% of operating time for this type of vehicle.

“Effenco’s Active Stop-StartTM technology will enable us to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of our trucks by approximately 30%,” said Thomas Derichebourg, President of Derichebourg Canada Environment. “Our fleet will now be cleaner, quieter, safer and more economical.”

“Until now, our Stop-Start Technology was in use on waste collection trucks only outside Quebec, so we are very pleased that Derichebourg Canada Environment, an international company, is putting its trust in us and is now allowing our know-how to shine in our own backyard,” added Colin Ryan, President of Effenco. “We are proud to associate with a company such as Derichebourg, who, like us, takes sustainable development to heart.”

To watch a video that presents the technology and its advantages, click here: