From left to right, Me Serge Lalonde, Lawyer at Dentons; Donald Angers,  CEO at C3E; Serge Tousignant, President at Systemex Industries; Marc-Antoine Pelletier, Business develoment Director at Systemex Énergies; Christine Lagacé, President of C3E’s Board; Alain Arsenault, Financial director at Systemex Énergies; Me Brigitte Nepveu, Associated lawyer at BCF and Gretta Ghorayeb, Lawyer at BCF.

Montreal (Quebec), March 18th, 2016 – The Centre of Excellence in Energy Efficiency (C3E) invests 250 000 $ in Systemex Energies for the commercialization of its SOFT-R3 technology that provides grid stability through its “ultrafast frequency response” technology by monitoring grid frequency and applying predetermined load modulation patterns which activates the load and turns it into a highly valuable asset to the grid operator.  SOFT-R3 can be easily embedded into residential, commercial and industrial, single watt to megawatt, electrical loads. SOFT-R3 can be installed on any electrical device which power is not too sensitive when energy is provided. Water heaters, baseboard heaters and AC units are good examples, but the charging stations of electric vehicles are another obvious application especially given their energy intensity.

« This 250 000$ investment from C3E will allow to adapt recharges electric vehicles more intelligently through energy management and power both for the electricity network and the user » explains M. Donald Angers, C3E’s CEO.

«The unique SOFT-R3 technology will allow Systemex Energies to position itself advantageously with electric utilities worldwide. We believe we can become the benchmark of excellence in intelligent charging », says Systemex Energies’ Business Development Director, M. Marc-Antoine Pelletier.

About Systemex Energies

Systemex Energies is a Canadian holding company established in 2009, created for the purpose of investing in and developing clean technologies by building a portfolio of companies and intellectual properties, namely a Grid Friendly Device, trademarked SOFT-R3 technology, a Grid Friendly value-added EV Charging Device, trademarked SSV as well as Innovative technologies for the next generation of data centers, trademarked HPC3 technologies.


About C3E                                                   

The Centre of Excellence in Energy Efficiency (C3E) was founded from the initiative of Rio Tinto Alcan and Hydro-Québec. Its mission is to support the commercialization of innovations in the sector of energy efficiency. Benefiting from the financial support of the Bureau d’efficacité et d’innovation énergétiques du Québec (BEIE), the C3E invests in transportation electrification. This funding is made possible through the Green Fund from the amounts planned for the Priority 4 of the 2013-2020 Climate Change Action Plan.

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