Montreal (Quebec), July 28th 2016 – The Centre of Excellence in Energy Efficiency (C3E) invests $ 350,000 in RENEWZ inc. to support commercialization of its solar charging systems for electric vehicles. Solar shelter for electric vehicles is growing rapidly in the world for both private property for commercial uses.

Mr. Donald Angers (left) and Mr. Sassoon Peress (right)

Mr. Donald Angers (left) and Mr. Sassoon Peress (right)

“This initial investment by C3E recognizes the huge progress that renewz has made in the implementation of its new business plan to become a technology provider into the energy and transport electrification industries through product and go-to-market innovation” said Sass M. Peress, CEO of Renewz. “With this first C3E investment, we received more than simply funding. It’s a vast network of contacts and talent now available to us. The fact that this unique instrument permits us to accumulate carbon credits through our various projects and repay in kind is a significant boost to the validation of the carbon markets expected to develop in the near future.”

“The investment by C3E into Renewz will help accelerate the introduction of their technologies into the growing transport markets that are helping to reduce carbon emissions. C3E intends to further support Renewz’ technology deployments with further investments in the near future. It’s a giant leap into solar renewable energies as a recognized tool in Quebec’s recently announced energy policies”, said Donald Angers, CEO of C3E

About Renewz sustainable solutions inc

Renewz develops and delivers unique solar carport and EV mobility charging technologies. Based in Quebec and Florida, the renewz team provides clients with easy-to-implement renewable energy and electric mobility solutions to help increase environmental stewardship, together with reduced lifetime cost of operations, and superior financial returns.