Montreal (Quebec), April 27th 2016 – The Centre of Excellence in Energy Efficiency (C3E) and Accelerator Ecofuel,
powered by Cycle Capital Management, inject a joint funding of $ 425,000 in LITO Green Motion inc. (LITO) to support the commercialization of its electric motorcycles.



The SORA of LITO is considered the first electric motorcycle of its categorie (sport cruiser) worldwide and is delivered to customers all around the world since 2014. The SORA is a high-end motorcycle, uncompromising innovation, quality and performance. The SORA stands out for its style and its total experience redefinition of riding a motorcycle.

“C3E’s investment of $ 350 000 will allow LITO to reach faster a type of customer ”early adopters’ and let then learn about the excellence of this pioneering technology. LITO will now have the means to educate a specialized clientele, including the police and the markets inherent in them, ” says C3E’s CEO, Donald Angers.

Dans l'ordre habituel, Catherine Rousseau Saine et Pascal Drouin de l'Accélérateur Ecofuel, Jean-Pierre Legris et René Dubord de LITO Green Motion inc. ainsi que Donald Angers du C3E.

From left to right: Catherine Rousseau Saine and Pascal Drouin, Ecofuel; Jean-Pierre Legris and René Dubord, LITO Green Motion inc.; Donald Angers, C3E

« Start-ups participating in the Accelerator Ecofuel are very innovative and their products quickly get attention of development partners. This reflects not only the quality of corporate projects as we accelerate, but also the quality of specialized and personalized program offered by Ecofuel. We are very proud of the progress already made by LITO and are convinced that the support of Ecofuel and C3E will allow the company to continue to grow successfully,” explains Richard Cloutier, President and CEO of Ecofuel.

Innovation, quality and style of our products have enabled Lito to position itself favorably in an expanding market. The efforts made so far to be one of the first companies in the world with a commercially available product, combined with this investment, allow LITO to begin the implementation of its global brand deployment . It is for us the first step to becoming the global reference in the field of electric motorcycle, ” said LITO’s President, Jean-Pierre Legris.

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About C3E                                                   

The Centre of Excellence in Energy Efficiency (C3E) was founded from the initiative of Rio Tinto Alcan and Hydro-Québec. Its mission is to support the commercialization of innovations in the sector of energy efficiency. Benefiting from the financial support of the Bureau d’efficacité et d’innovation énergétiques du Québec (BEIE), the C3E invests in transportation electrification. This funding is made possible through the Green Fund from the amounts planned for the Priority 4 of the 2013-2020 Climate Change Action Plan.

About Ecofuel 

Ecofuel is a startup accelerator that works with exceptional entrepreneurs in clean technology to help build globally competitive companies. In addition to seed financing of up to $75,000, Ecofuel offers an intensive program of training workshops, networking sessions, and an experienced mentor ecosystem.

In addition to the financial and logistical support of Cycle Capital, Ecofuel can count on the support and collaboration of Ecotech Québec, Innovacorp and Canada Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC).

About LITO Green Motion (LITO) 

Founded in 2009, LITO Develops and commercializes high-end electric motorcycle without compromising performance and featuring several innovations that seek to provide a change in the driving experience for a responsive customers to environmental problems. LITO has also developed several components and applications that improve the commercial offer. LITO currently has customers in France, Germany, Canada, USA as well as to Kazakhstan.