Montreal (Quebec), July 5th 2016 – The Centre of Excellence in Energy Efficiency (C3E) invests $ 350,000 in Campagna Motors to support the commercialization of its three-wheel side-by-side vehicles and its entry into the market of electric vehicles. Campagna Motors products already have the reputation of being one of a kind. They differ widely from the competition by their eye-catching look, exceptional performance and uncomparable driving experience. Based in Boucherville since 2008, the company now sells its products on every continent. Campagna Motors is a pioneer and world leader of vehicles with three-wheeled vehicles with automobile configuration type

Mr. Pierre Achim, C3E's VP, Mr. André Morissette, President of Campagna Motors and Mr. Donald Angers, C3E's CEO.

Mr. Pierre Achim, C3E’s VP, Mr. André Morissette, President of Campagna Motors and Mr. Donald Angers, C3E’s CEO.

(seats, side by side, steering wheel, etc.).

“C3E’s investment of $ 350,000 for marketing Campagna Motors will allow the company to quickly woo a customer type ” early adoptors ” and publicize the excellence of this pioneering technology. Campagna Motors will now have the means to gain recognition from specialized markets and stand proudly on the grandstands international exhibition “says CEO of C3E Donald Angers.

“Campagna Motors intends to implement a broad media and branding campaign to promote its products, including the organization of targeted press activities and events from social network influencers. The imminent arrival of an electric T-REX will be a unique window to allow Campagna Motors to position itself as an innovative company on the cutting edge of technology”, says André Morissette, Chair of Campagna Motors. “The C3E participation enables our company to increase its visibility in Quebec and elsewhere in North America and quickly attract the attention of specialists dedicated to recreational mobility”, concludes Mr. Morissette.

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