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August 25th, 2015 – The Centre of Excellence in Energy Efficiency (C3E) invests 350 000 $ in KARGO Inc. for the commercialization of its KARGO Light, a 100% aluminum modular electric vehicle developed and manufactured in Quebec. KARGO is an innovative company specialized in the manufacture and commercialization of high-value vehicles. Having already sold over 125 units in recent years, KARGO now enjoys a good reputation among both the industrial as the institutional world.  Although it has a well-filled order book, the company wants constantly to diversify its markets to ensure its long-term development. KARGO has already implemented an international sales department; many of its vehicles are used by large aluminum smelters in the world. Now KARGO wants to meet the needs of North American markets, including those in Quebec and Canada. KARGO was developed by Précicad Services, a Quebec company specialized in the design, engineering and simulation.

«C3E’s investment in KARGO will accelerate the introduction of this technology in a burgeoning market that promotes the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). While reducing their cost of operation, owners of fleets of multifunctional vehicles will generate carbon credits available for the Quebec market» says Mr. Donald Angers, C3E’s CEO.

«An idea, a concept, a product manufactured by a company, these are the cornerstones of a dream that many entrepreneurs caress. If this dream contributes to the protection of the environment and creates high-tech jobs, it is even better! The recognition of C3E allows KARGO to increase its visibility in Quebec and elsewhere in North America. We hope this will quickly attract the attention of most major clients and major financial» added Mr. Pierre Dion, KARGO’s President.